Long-Awaited "Postcards" Anthology To Be Published

Back in June, CBR News announced to the world the remarkable new but unpublished anthology, "Postcards." We are very pleased to exclusively announce today that "Postcards" has found a publisher, and that is Villard Books, an imprint of Random House Inc.

Edited by Jason Rodriguez, the 168 page "Postcards" features an assortment of vintage, early 20th century postcards which were dispersed among thirty-three of comics' most imaginative creators, all of whom created beautiful stories about the person who sent those evoticative cards. Included in the anthology are stories by Harvey Pekar, Tom Beland, Antony Johnston, Stuart Moore, Michael Gaydos, Rick Spears, Rob G, Phil Hester and more.

Official Press Release

New York, NY – Villard Books, an imprint of Random House Inc., announced today the acquisition of POSTCARDS: TRUE STORIES THAT NEVER HAPPENED, a graphic novel assembled by Jason Rodriguez. POSTCARDS features stories from several top comics creators, including Harvey Pekar, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Phillip Hester, Stuart Moore and Antony Johnston.

You've seen them at flea markets and in antique shops and used bookstores across the country. Vintage postcards with handwritten notes from the past, evocative messages that capture a thought, an expression, a concern, a snapshot of someone's life once upon a time. Jason Rodriguez, acclaimed editor of Elk's Run, has collected a remarkable array of these correspondences, dispersed them among thirty-three of comic's greatest creators, and asked them each to craft a story about the person who sent it. The result is a vividly imagined, gorgeously rendered graphic novel anthology illustrating tales of romance, adventure, hardship, and mystery. In Postcards, these gifted artists share some of the richest and most inventive work of their careers.

"Postcards came to me about a year ago," said Rodriguez. "I was rifling through a shoebox filled with dusty used cards in a Hershey, Pennsylvania antique mall. I realized that the writing on these cards were incomplete stories that needed to be finished. I started pitching this idea around and all of the creators I talked to couldn't wait to get started – their enthusiasm while working on this project was unlike anything I've experienced so far. And it shows when you read the book – this is some of the best work I've seen from everyone involved."

Acquiring editor Dallas Middaugh was jubilant about Postcards. "I could tell there was something different about this book the first time Jason described it to me on the phone. Having read the stories, I have to say that it's an honor to be working on this project. Postcards is something special."

About the Editor

Jason Rodriguez is the editor of the critically acclaimed anthology Western Tales of Terror and Elk's Run, a finalist for the Harvey Award. He lives in Arlington, Virginia, where he spends his evenings editing graphic novels and correcting his girlfriend, Robin, when she calls them "the funnies."

About the Publisher

Villard Books, named after the Stanford White brownstone mansion on Madison Avenue that was the home of Random House for twenty years, was founded in 1983. It publishes a general nonfiction and fiction list that has positioned itself on the leading edge of popular culture. Among the bestselling authors it has published are Jon Krakauer, Eve Ensler, Governor Jesse Ventura and Peter Greenberg, the "Travel Detective." It is also known for its titles in the areas of humor, personal narrative, and new-voice fiction, including the books of Laurie Notaro and Jon Katz. Visit the Villard website at www.villard.com.

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