"Lone Wolf and Cub" creators Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima tell the tale of a master ninja in "Path of the Assassin"

Official Press Release

Path of the Assassin (known as Hanzo no Mon in Japan) is the story of Hattori Hanzo, the fabled master ninja whose duty it was to protect Tokugawa Ieyasu-the shogun who would later unite Japan into one great nation. As the secret caretaker of such an influential future leader, Hanzo must use vast and varied ninja talents. Living in the shadows near Ieyasu, Hanzo himself must learn to become a complete man as he guides his master to the same destination.

Path of the Assassin is a worthy and entertaining addition to the Koike and Kojima samurai manga library and will be presented un-retouched in the original Japanese right- to -left format.

Path of the Assassin features story by Kazuo Koike with art by Goseki Kojima. Volume 1 arrives on sale June 28 with a retail price of $13.95.

ISBN: 1-59307-502-2

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