Lone Star Press Launches New Webcomic

Official Press Release


(Austin, TX) We are entering the digital age of comics here at Lone Star Press!  

If you look to the right of the Lone Star home page, you will see a button that says "Read SideChicks Here!".   Clicking that button will take you to a free comic book in digital format.   We've done our best to make the format intuitive and easy to navigate.   And, of course, to put together a story that you'll enjoy!   The site will be updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays until all 32 pages of the first story have been published.

SideChicks is the brainchild of Bill Williams and it's been in the works for over a year now.   Francisco Rodriguez

de la Fuente has come on board to provide the pencils for our first tale, The One Punch Wonder.   Francisco's pencils

can be seen in the Robin: Unmasked trade paperback available in finer book stores everywhere.   Thom Zahler provides colors

and letters and Paul Storrie has helped out as the ultimate "man behind the curtain" in his role as freelance editor.  

Our presentation format also owes a debt to Justine Shaw's strip at www.nowheregirl.com , which is an entertaining

experiment in sequential storytelling.   SideChicks is intended to be a printable webcomic, meaning that each online installment is designed at half the size of a traditional comic page.   That way, when it comes time to

print, it's simply a matter of stacking two installments on each page.

Plus, there's another free digital comic on the way from Lone Star Press.   That project, with the working title of HBC, is

written, inked and colored by Bill Williams, with pencils by Bobby Diaz.   Check out the Lone Star Press portfolio page for a window into that upcoming project.

For more info go to-   www.lonestarpress.com

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