Lone Star Comics & Wizard World Texas Offer Exclusive "Ultimate Power" #1

Official Press Release

Arlington, TX – Lone Star Comics is pleased to announce that they, in conjunction with Marvel Comics, will offer a Wizard World Texas-exclusive sketch cover of Ultimate Power #1 featuring the incredible art of Greg Land!

Ultimate Power #1: The Fantastic Four's leader, Reed Richards, has accidentally punched a hole into an adjacent universe in a desperate bid to gain the knowledge he needs to cure his friend Ben Grimm-The Thing. But something has come through the aperture from a realm known as the Supremeverse: The Squadron Supreme! They are angry and here to arrest young Reed for high crimes against their world. You must not miss the crossover of the decade!

This sketch cover variant will only be available at the Lone Star Comics / mycomicshop.com booth, and quantities will be limited. Come by the booth to buy your copy, then browse the world's largest selection of comics at the mycomicshop.com and webuycomics.com websites while you're there!

For customers unable to attend the convention, a limited number of copies will also be offered for preorder with the October Previews comics at http://www.mycomicshop.com/subscriptionservice/previews around October 1st.

To see the cover, just visit:

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