London Toy Fair Unveils Death Note, Naruto & My Hero Academia Funko Pops

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At the London Toy Fair, Funko revealed concept art for eight new Funko Pops and two new Dorbz spanning three different anime franchises. The new figurines include characters from the “My Hero Academia,” “Naruto” and “Death Note” series.

The “My Hero Academia” Funko Pop line features Deku, All Might, Katsuki, Tenya and Ochako, while the “Death Note” Funko Pop line boasts characters like Ryuk, L and Light. The “Naruto” line will introduce Naruto and Sakura as Dorbz, which differ from traditional Funko Pops in that characters sport cheerful smiles and closed eyes; Dorbz come in three sizes.

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The “My Hero Academia” series follows Izuku, a young boy who enrolls in a superhero academy despite having no superpowers whatsoever. This is a problem because, in Izuku’s world, nearly 80% of the world’s population has some super ability. The first season of the “My Hero Academia” anime, which aired in 2016, is directed by Kenji Nagasaki. A second season is in the works.

“Death Note” follows the genius, ethically stunted Light in his quest to purify the world of evil after he finds the mystical Death Note, a book that can kill anyone whose name is written in it. The “Death Note” anime is directed by Tetsurō Araki and aired between 2006-2007.

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“Naruto” is an anime epic that follows a young boy, Naruto, in his quest to become a hokage -- that is, a respected ninja. The “Naruto” anime is directed by Hayato Date and aired between 2002-2007.

There’s no word just yet on exactly when the new anime Funkos will be released, but expect to see them on store shelves sometime this year.

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