Loki's Next Comics Chapter Unfolds in Jason Aaron's Thor and Avengers

Writer Jason Aaron is helping to relaunch Thor and Avengers for Marvel Comics, and one character who will act as a connective tissue between the two series is Thor's brother, Loki.

The God of Lies and Mischief has been busy over the last several months, picking up the title of Sorcerer Supreme in the pages of Doctor Strange, while being a player in the currently unfolding Infinity Countdown.

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However, in an interview with CBR, Aaron teased that fans will have to wait before his Loki plans are brought to the forefront in both Thor and Avengers. "I don’t know about right away, but certainly as things go along you’ll see a lot of connective tissue between the two books. It’s been pretty clear where we’re headed in Thor. With the War of the Realms there are some pretty big battles in the future and you can definitely expect to see the Avengers get involved in that in some capacity."

Though an Avengers/Thor crossover isn't immediately on tap, that doesn't mean Loki won't play a factor in Aaron's opening act with Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

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"Yes, Loki is in fact part of this first arc," Aaron said. "You can’t really bring a team of Avengers together without Loki. He plays a part in both this first arc of Avengers and the first arc of the new volume of Thor. Loki is up to a lot. These stories will kind of tie into everything he’s been doing over in Gerry Duggan’s Infinity minis and Doctor Strange. So we’re going to look at everything he’s been doing across all these books."

Avengers #1 from writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness goes on sale May 2 from Marvel Comics.

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