Lois Lane: The Street?

[Lois Ln.]After 60 years, DC Comics' Lois Lane was able to land the Man of Steel as her husband. It might only take a few weeks this summer to get a street named after her.

An Anchorage, Alaska comic shop manager is leading the charge to get decades-old Lois Drive renamed Lois Lane after Mrs. Superman.

"It was a customer's idea," Bret Clark, manager of one of a Bosco's Comics shop in Anchorage, told the Comic Wire on Wednesday. "It seemed like a good idea, why not? ... Up here, right now, we have a mayor who's had a lot of other stuff going on, and we decided that something else more fun might be a good idea."

The shop has been distributing postcards to mail to Anchorage Mayor George Wuerch, and has begun working on the steps needed to get the change made.

"Right now we have a research guy pulling the plats finding out the owners along Lois ... and we have to get 51 percent of the owners – not renters – agreeing to go along the change."

After that, the proposal hits the mayor's office, which will send out another letter looking for comment, then the mayor's office will make a yes or no decision on it before the public is notified of his decision. After that round of letters, it finally ends up in the hands of the city assembly.

"Nine out of 10 people think it's funny, and think it's a good idea," Clark said. "The first person I heard speak out against it was on the [television] news, and they interviewed a 91 year old homesteader who remembered the original Lois. ... But it'll still be Lois, and he can remember the original Lois, and we can remember the comic book character."

While remaining optimistic, Clark doesn't want to guess at the odds at this point.

"Without knowing how many people live on the street, and how much work it's going to be to change it, no idea. ... If this goes over, we should change all the other names of the streets. Aquaman Street, Batman Street ..."

(A special thanks to Nate Raymond.)

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