40 Greatest Lois Lane Stories: #3-1

You all voted, now here, as part of our celebration of Lois Lane and Superman's 80th Anniversary, are the results of what you chose as the 40 Greatest Lois Lane Stories!


3. "She's a Wonder!" (Wonder Woman #170)

Joe Kelly gets to do a follow-up, of sorts, to his classic "A Thousand Nights..." story from Action Comics #762 when he joined Phil Jimenez on this one-off issue of Jimenez's Wonder Woman run (inks by Andy Lanning) that has Lois Lane spend a day with Wonder Woman for a story.

Getting to see Lois in her element is really wonderful to see. She's so beautifully sarcastic. And, in the end, though, the two women have to come to terms with their relationship with each other when they each have such an important role in the life of Superman...

Really effective stuff with typical stunning Jimenez artwork.

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