40 Greatest Lois Lane Stories: #25-21

You all voted, now here, as part of our celebration of Lois Lane and Superman's 80th Anniversary, are the results of what you chose as the 40 Greatest Lois Lane Stories!


25. "How Lois Got Her Job" (Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #17)

This cute story by Otto Binder and Kurt Schaffenberger reveals how Lois Lane got her job at the Daily Planet in the first place. Perry White agreed to hire her, but only if she got three big scoops in three days. She pulled it off and the best part about it is that she did it before she even knew who Superman WAS, so she could hold on to those scoops and know that she did them on their own. Of course, this being a Superman-related comic book, when Clark Kent discovers her three big scoops, he learns that he was inadvertently responsible for all three of them...

While it is a bit annoying to learn that Lois's big independent scoops were not so independent, it is fair to note that they were still all INADVERTENT connections from Superman, so they really do still count as her doing stuff on her own.

24. "The Wedding Album" (Superman: The Wedding Album #1)

Now, the official marriage of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the comic is obviously a major story, but I kind of like how it opens, with Lois seemingly marrying a drug dealer, but in reality she is trying to capture him and his plot to sneak heroin into the country...

What an awesome opener! Remember, Lois and Clark are broken up at the start of this story. But they soon get back together and then quickly are married.

23. "The New Lois Lane" (Showcase #9)

In the early days of DC's Showcase series (well, in the early days after they introduced the Flash in issue #4), they were on a super-hot streak. Nearly every feature that got a spotlight in Showcase got their own comic book and Lois Lane was no exception. This was her chance to prove that she could sustain her own comic book series and she passed with flying colors.

The most memorable of the stories featured in that first issue has to be "The New Lois Lane" by Otto Binder, Ruben Moreira and Al Plastino, where Lois vows to stop trying to figure out Superman's secret identity, which causes a problem for Superman, as some unscrupulous individuals have begun to believe that Clark Kent is Superman so Superman wants Lois to "discover" his new, fake secret identity, but she isn't interested!

A clever, wacky story.

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