Lois Lane Finally Reintroduces a Beloved DC Character

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SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Lois Lane #1 by Greg Rucka, Mike Perkins, Paul Mounts and Simon Bowland, on sale now.

Lois Lane's been causing a stir lately, only this time she's taking down corrupt White House personnel responsible for allowing politicians to profit off of refugee camps across the country.

However, as we see her sinking her teeth deep into these white-collar criminals, we discover Lois isn't doing the job by herself. She actually has help and as the intrepid reporter continues to expose the powers-that-be, we get the return of one of DC's most beloved detectives: The Question. However, it's not Vic Sage, it's a female hero who appears to be Renee Montoya.

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After being created by Steve Ditko in the 60s, Vic was the Question for decades before transitioning from Charlton Comics to DC. There, he proved his worth as one of the publisher's best investigators, working on multiple crises, mainly alongside street-level heroes such as Batman and starring in a fan-favorite solo seires. But in 2006's 52, he died and passed the mantle onto Renee, a Gotham detective who felt her life was meant for more and who needed to expose truths outside of the jurisdiction of the law.

Working outside of the law, Renee quickly became a fan-favorite hero, and that role was made all the more intriguing by her romantic relationship with Batwoman. She was truly a Question for a new age as she fought against hate crimes, trafficking and today's societal ills. However, that all changed in the New 52, when a new and more supernatural Question come to light. In the Trinity of Sin, Pandora and the Phantom Stranger worked alongside the mysterious Question, who was seeking his identity. The latter never found it, with his peers revealing if he found out who he was, he might well become the most powerful person in the DC Universe.

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In the DC Rebirth era, a revitalized Vic has been running around as the main Question once again. He recently popped up in Action Comics trying to suss out the Red Cloud's secret and helped out Lois and Batman in Event Leviathan as they've tried to uncover the identity of the mystery figure taking out DC's covert organizations. While Renee was reintroduced as Harvey Bullock's partner in Detective Comics #41 , she's been back on the street beat since then, mainly dealing with the grime of Gotham's gangs and its underworld. That is, until now, because thanks to Lois, Renee's become an international woman of mystery.

Lois needs intel from Mariska Voronova, a Russian reporter who was apparently helping her crack this particular migrant case. However, she was killed after her investigation was uncovered, which led Lois to seek out the help of the Question in  recovering a flash drive. We can see the blank face in the darkness, and the figure appears to be Vic. But when the Question attacks the folks who killed Mariska and got the location of the drive too, it's clearly Renee kicking butt in Russia.

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While we don't know how long Renee has been back in the hat and jacket, or how long she's been working with Lois. In fact, fans are wondering if she and Vic have been working together, but what's for certain is September's Lois Lane #3 promises to clear up the confusion about their "continuity." Until then, Lane will need help from all the detectives she can find,  the better, but it still leaves us wondering how the DCU is operating with not two, but possibly three Questions existing. Only time will tell, but as far as Renee goes, she's back in the limelight and making a huge impression on this high-profile scandal.

Lois Lane #2, by Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins, goes on sale Aug. 7.

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