Lois Lane's Mysterious Book Is About Much More Than Superman's Secret Identity

Lois Lane’s upcoming retrospective has more to it than just secrets about Superman, according to the issue of DC Nation released this week.

Earlier this year, in the Brian Michael Bendis-helmed Man of Steel miniseries, Lois Lane and her son, Jon Kent, decided to travel the stars with Jor-El, Superman's father. Lois went to keep an eye on her son and find material for her next book. The revelation that she has been back on Earth and working on the book without telling Clark only raises more questions. What happened with Jor-El? Where is Jon? And perhaps, most importantly, what did Lois learn that’s got her hiding from Superman?

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Bendis hinted at the explosive nature of the information in DC Nation #4.

“Lois Lane has, through her work, discovered some secrets about the DC Universe she doesn’t know what to do with," said Bendis. "She doesn’t even know if telling Clark is the right thing to do -- not from a trust point of view, but because the information might be that dangerous. This has altered her behavior."

With the changing nature of the DC Universe being explored in books like Scott Snyder’s Justice League and Geoff John’s Doomsday Clock, it’s clear that some monumental revelation is hurtling towards DC's heroes.

DC Nation #4 is currently available in comic stores. Action Comics #1004 is set to be released this October.

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