Lois & Clark Stars Weigh In On the Current State of Superhero Television

Times have changed since Lois and Clark roamed the streets of Metropolis in the mid-1990s.

At a time when television was a wasteland for superhero shows, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman spent four years (1993-1997) on ABC sharing one of the most iconic comic book couples with television audiences across the country. Now, the landscape has certainly changed, with a plethora of costumed do-gooder shows on the air. The stars of Lois & Clark, Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain, spoke about the differences between then and now during a New York Comic Con panel celebrating the 25th anniversary of their show, determining he biggest change is that we're now fully in the age of the Internet.

Both stars noted that the Internet was still in its infancy during their show’s run, and there was virtually no instant feedback. In fact, Cain noted, the only time he really heard feedback from fans was at conventions. With the instant commenting, reviews and suggestions we see now, the actors agreed that the online reactions of fans has made a tremendous impact on the success of shows in today’s world, and think that it can also affect the direction a show goes in.


Of course, both actors have guest-starred on a current superhero show: The CW’s Supergirl; Hatcher played villain Rhea in season 2 of the show, while Cain has appeared several times as Kara Danvers’ adoptive father, Jeremiah. Cain noted that when he first showed up to film the pilot, it was a bizarre experience since they were shooting on the same Warner Bros. lot where Lois & Clark used to film. He also mentioned that being on set gave him a serious case of “suit envy” when he saw the updated tech of Supergirl star Melissa Benoist.

“I’ll just be there and just say to Melissa, ‘Wait, that’s so cool,'" Cain said. "'Can I just touch it? I didn’t have that!’”

Hatcher joked about his suit as well, reminding the audience that there were no CGI abs to add on back then, and that Cain had to go the ‘old-fashioned’ route and work out at the gym if he wanted to make sure the suit looked good.


The pair also spoke about the current trend of legacy casting 9having actors from previous iterations show up on modern versions of shows), and agreed that they love being a part of it. In fact, Hatcher said that she wanted to take the part on Supergirl primarily because she knew the Lois & Clark fans would love to see her to play another role in the genre. “I think if you make a choice to be involved, you’re making a choice to love and honor the fans."

Cain said that the person who influenced his decision to take on roles like this was another iconic Superman. “When Christopher Reeve went on Smallville, I think he set the standard," Cain stated. "I thought, ‘Well, if my Superman can do this, I can do this.’ I mean, I love it - I get a kick out of [Wonder Woman's] Lynda Carter playing the president. I love it at least as much as the fans.”

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