Logo Design Poll!

Okay, folks, the designers have submitted their logos and now you will decide which one becomes the new logo for Urban Legends Revealed, Sports Urban Legends Revealed and Entertainment Urban Legends Revealed.

If all that changed in different designs was adding or subtracting the words "Sports" and "Entertainment," I just posted one of the three logos (I chose Sports just as a sampler).

Also, when I was given a website link, I posted it. If any of the designers who didn't give me a link would like me to add in a link to their website, just drop me a line and I'll gladly edit it in.


First up is Carl Broaddus. Here is his website. And here is his logo...


Next we have Michael Busuttil. Here are his logos...


Next is John Gallagher. Here is his website. John has a new comic book coming out in December from Red Giant Media called Buzzboy. You can read about it here. Here are John's logos...


Next is Peter J. Cox. Here are his logos...


Next is Eric P. Loney. Here is his logo...


Next is Dominic Zito. Here is his website. Here is his logo...


Last is Travis Heath. Here is his logo....

Great stuff, guys!

Okay, folks, now you vote for which one you liked the best!

The chosen logo will appear on the three sites on Tuesday, November 1st!

Thanks again for all the great work, fellas!

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