<i>Logan's Run</i> Reboot May Be In 3D

It's only just found a director, but producer Joel Silver is already talking about the long-awaited Logan's Run remake being an entirely 3D process.

Talking to MTV's Movies blog, Silver said,

I'd like to make 'Logan's Run' [in 3D]... It's a movie I've always been intrigued with, excited by. We're writing a script now and that should be a big 3D movie and it should be devised and shot in 3D. I think if we can pull it together, then it would be.

Logan recently, and finally, gained an official choice for director, commercials director Carl Rinsch. Given the popularity of 3D movies, it's unsurprising to think that Silver would want a piece of that financial action, and the potential for visual spectacle this movie - and director - offers makes Logan's 3D-izing a no-brainer.

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