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Logan’s James Mangold Explains Wolverine’s Scars

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Logan’s James Mangold Explains Wolverine’s Scars

A questioned parked Wednesday by a striking photo of Hugh Jackman was stoked this morning with the release of the first trailer for “Logan,” which showed the back of the aging mutant crisscrossed by scars: Shouldn’t Wolverine’s regeneration abilities have completely healed those injuries. Well, director James Mangold has an answer.

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Providing commentary on the trailer for Empire, the filmmaker explained the reasoning behind both Logan’s trembling hand and battered body.


“One of the things we all thought about as we worked on this film is, well, we don’t want to rebuild everything,” Mangold said. “We want to have some questions. In order to make a different Logan, and a different tone of a Wolverine movie, we felt like we couldn’t hold on to every tradition established in all the movies religiously, or we’d be trapped by the decisions made before us. So we questioned whether Logan’s healing factor causes him to heal without even a scar. We imagined that it may have when he was younger, but with age, he’s getting older and ailing. Perhaps his healing factor no longer produces baby-soft skin. So we imagined he heals quickly, still, but it leaves a scar. The simple idea was that his body would start to get a little more ravaged with a kind of tattooing of past battles, lacerations that remain of previous conflicts.”

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The filmmaker wasn’t quite so forthcoming about “Logan’s” mysteries, including whose funeral Wolverine attends, and where in the X-Men timeline the movie falls. “We are in the future,” he said. “We have passed the point of the epilogue of ‘Days of Future Past.'”

Heck, he won’t even confirm the girl in the trailer, played by Dafne Keen, is X-23, as has been widely speculated.

“I think I will just let speculation run rampant about that,” Mangold said. “I think what this film is about in many ways is family. From there out I’d let everyone figure out what we’re up to on their own, at least at this early stage. […]  “I’m not here today to confirm or deny anything. I think it’s great that everyone’s speculating and I think it reveals how smart the audience is, many of the fans, about these characters. I don’t think they’re on the wrong track.”

Opening May 3, 2017, “Logan” also stars Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook and Stephen Merchant.

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