Wolverine's Claws Gave Hugh Jackman Scars

Though Hugh Jackman has defined the role of Wolverine since his debut in 2000's "X-Men," the role wasn't always so effortless for him. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the "Logan" star recalled how difficult it was to get used to the mutant's signature claws and how he stabbed a few people along the way -- including himself.

“I can’t tell you how many people I stabbed, how I stabbed myself,” Jackman shared. “They were killing machines.”

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He also recounted how he accidentally stabbed Mystique's stunt double in the arm. “She said, ‘I’ve been stabbed by Wolverine!’ That was one of the first days of shooting. That’s when you realize this is not a normal character, when people are really happy to be stabbed by your character,” he said.


In an effort to avoid other casualties, Jackman explained that he “used to have to practice so I wouldn’t hit people [with the claws]. And one thing I neglected to practice was the follow-through… I’ve got a number of scars on my thighs, and it’s really not cool. Got pretty close to some sensitive areas, but everything’s fine.”

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Jackman won't have to worry about managing the claws anymore, as "Logan" is his last ride as Wolverine. The film finds Wolverine in a world where no mutants have been born in twenty years. As such, he’s startled to discover Laura, a young mutant with powers very much like his own. Shortly thereafter, he’s forced to take a road trip with both Laura and ailing Professor X.


Now in theaters, “Logan” is directed by James Mangold and stars Hugh Jackman as Logan, Patrick Stewart as Charles, Dafne Keen as Laura, Boyd Holbrook as Pierce and Stephen Merchant as Caliban.

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