Logan's Honest Trailer Treatment Enlists the Aid of Ryan Reynolds

Some things are so good, even Deadpool can't make fun of them.

Director James Mangold's poignant superhero film Logan arrives on DVD and Blu-ray today, and to celebrate, Screen Junkies has bestowed the honor of its 200th Honest Trailer upon the solo X-Men film. however, when the narrator is unable to find fault with the poignant swan song for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, he enlists the help of the Merc with the Mouth himself: Ryan Reynolds.

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While Reynolds doesn't endorse any ridiculing of Logan, he does endorse director James Mangold to take on Old Man Deadpool in 2038. The trailer also features a weathered Wolverine facing off against claw puss, plenty of screaming and a brief shout out to our sister site ScreenRant.

Watch the entire anniversary-celebrating Honest Trailer below, but be warned: while Logan is rated R for the realization that we all get old and die, this trailer is rated S - for Spoilers.

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Available now on Blu-ray and DVD, Logan stars Hugh Jackman as Logan, Patrick Stewart as Charles, Dafne Keen as Laura, Boyd Holbrook as Pierce and Stephen Merchant as Caliban.

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