Logan is First Oscars Screener Film Sent to Academy Voters

The Oscars season is kicking off and Logan is the movie to start off this year's Academy Awards voting campaign. According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox is the first to start sending out For Your Consideration DVD screeners, with the James Mangold movie being their weapon of choice.

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After critical and financial success, many deemed the March movie an Oscar contender due to its emotional depth, which went a bit more cerebral than your average superhero flick. Thanks to incredible performances from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, it concluded the gory story of the mutant Logan as he tried to put to bed his past as the X-Man Wolverine. The film also focused on him acting as a father figure to a clone, X-23, while running away from a major tragedy involving the X-Men.

It marked the end of an era for Jackman's Logan and Stewart's Professor Xavier, with Jackman making it clear that he has no intention of coming back to the role ever again. The film acted as an R-rated elegy to those characters, coming off as a standalone in Fox's X-Men universe while also paying tribute to the Old West, particularly the 1953 Western Shane.

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Jackman's performance could also see it garnering a Best Actor nomination outside of the Best Picture category, which would make it a double whammy for comic book movies as Warner Bros. has also amped up their Oscar push for Wonder Woman, making 2017 a successful year for the superhero genre thus far.

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