Logan Director Reveals Black & White Theatrical Release Date

logan james mangold black and white

“Logan” director James Mangold today confirmed on Twitter the theatrical release date for a black and white version of the film. “Logan,” the film that capped off Hugh Jackman’s decade-long run as the savage “X-Men” character Wolverine, will see a black and white rerelease in theaters on May 16, exclusively in the United States.

Black and white imagery served a major role in marketing “Logan,” which saw a run of high-contrast, black and white photographs of the film’s main cast released weeks before hitting theaters. Black and white rereleases of popular action films have become something of a trend in Hollywood lately. George Miller’s latest entry into the “Max Max” franchise got new, monochromatic life in the form of “Max Max: Black and Chrome,” which was made available in the “Mad Max: High Octane” anthology and digitally.

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One Twitter user responded to Mangold, asking if viewers could just turn down the color settings on their televisions to achieve the same effect. Mangold noted that, in order to make a great black and white version of a film, the entire movie must be regraded and timed shot by shot -- an overall effect that simply can’t be emulated by changing settings on a television.

The version will also ship on certain home release versions of the film, but it looks like mid-May is the only time to catch "Logan's" black and white version in theaters.

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