Loeb/McGuinness and Pak/Pagulayan Quadruple-Team the Incredible Hulk

The fact that the Marvel-exclusive dream team of writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuinness would follow up their forthcoming "The Ultimates" Volume 4 with a Hulk project has been known for well over a year. But today at the Baltimore Retailer Summit, a teaser image was finally revealed with the news that not only would Loeb and McGuiness be working on the Jade Giant in 2008, but so would the best-selling "Planet Hulk" creative team of writer Greg Pak and artist Carlo Pagulayan.

According to Marvel's Assistant Manager of Sales Communication Jim McCann, "From there, your guess is as good as anyone else's!"

CBR News tracked down Jeph Loeb and Greg Pak quicker than General Thaddeus E. Ross to see if the incredible green team would be any more giving with information.

Loeb said, "Following the mind-blowing events of 'World War Hulk,' where Greg Pak planted his foot on the Hulk's neck and crowned himself king, I was delighted to join the Hulk Army with new twisted adventures, accompanied by the man who was born to draw the Hulk, Edward 'Ed' McGuinness."

The superstar writer continued, "As to why there are two colors on the Hulk? Well, first you've got to wait and see if the Hulk we know and love even survives 'World War Hulk.'"

"The Hulk mythos is about to explode," Greg Pak told CBR News. "And we need two big creative teams to handle the massive stories that will result. And who's bigger than Ginormous Jeph Loeb and Enormous Ed McGuiness? It's going to be nuts."

Keeping the Hulk hype machine rolling, Pak teased, "The tale that the insanely talented Carlo Pagulayan and I are telling is indeed the super secret third part to the trilogy that we started with "Planet Hulk." Carlo's already been emailing me designs and even finished covers, and they're absolutely out of this world."

"World War Hulk" is scheduled to come to its end with #5 on October 31.

It was announced at Fan Expo Canada that Pak would team with Leonard Kirk on a "Warbound" miniseries, returning to the characters first introduced in "Planet Hulk."

Loeb and McGuinness previously worked together on the first six-issue story arc of the widely popular "Superman/Batman," entitled "Public Enemies" for DC Comics and teased Hulk fans with what's coming in a 12-page backup story in "Wolverine" #50, which re-imagines Logan and the Green Behemoth's first encounter.

The last time Loeb worked with Bruce Banner's alter ego, the character wasn't even green. Actually, he wasn't black or white either. It was "Hulk: Gray," which Loeb collaborated on with artist Tim Sale.


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