Loeb/Lee's 'Batman #608' goes back to press

[Batman #608 2nd Printing]Last week comic fans finally got their hands on a copy of "Batman" #608, the highly anticipated first issue of the book written by Jeph Loeb with art by Jim Lee. The number one book for October, the book was expected to sell very well. It did. On Tuesday DC Comics announced that the book has sold out at the publisher and that they'll be going back to press for a second printing. The second printing of "Batman #608" will feature a new cover by Lee and inker Scott Williams and will hit stores November 13th.

"Everything we've been doing with 'Batman' has been with the intention of making it special and unique," said Jim Lee in a release. "We wanted to clearly differentiate the second printing from the first, so we added this new cover."

As to future issues of "Batman", #609 has an in store date of November 27th, #610 hits stores December 26th and #611 will be released January 22nd.

For more on "Batman" read CBR's interview with Jeph Loeb.

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