Lockjaw, Your Favorite Inhuman, Gets His Own Marvel Series

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You can’t keep a good dog down, and that’s certainly the case with Lockjaw of Marvel Comics Inhumans fame. The Royal Family’s enormous canine protector will get his own four-part comic book miniseries from Daniel Kibblesmith and Carlos Villa. Lockjaw #1 will release in comic book shops around the world this February.

The story will find Lockjaw on the hunt for his imperiled, long-lost siblings in an adventure that will, naturally, involve a lot of teleportation and mind-bending acts of bravery.

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“We’re super excited about this book. Daniel Kibblesmith -- a hilarious writer who works on The Late Show and recently published a book called Santa’s Husband -- has cooked up an incredibly fun, heart-filled romp around the Marvel Universe,” Wil Moss, the series’ editor, said in a press release.

While Black Bolt #5 tackled the question of Lockjaw’s origins, once and for all establishing that, yes, Lockjaw is a dog – an actual dog born from another dog – with Inhuman powers, the new series will take on the origins of those very powers. Lockjaw will also finally answer whether the canine is the only Inhuman dog around.

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“In Issue #1, we find out that Lockjaw’s got brothers and sisters,” Moss said. “From there, we’ll be following everybody’s best friend around the universe as he tracks down his siblings -- along with a surprising companion, D-Man! It’s gonna be a fantastic ride, all beautifully illustrated by up-and-comer Carlos Villa!”

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Lockjaw first debuted in Fantastic Four #45 back in 1965. The dog is the personal guardian of the Inhuman Royal Family and is gifted with the power of teleportation. Lockjaw’s powers are the result of Inhuman experimentation on canines. He is frequently used as a method of quick escape or instantaneous travel by the Royal Family. He is also a very good boy.


Lockjaw #1 will be available for purchase in comic shops this coming February.

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