Watch Lockjaw in Action in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed that Lockjaw will be a key character in its upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 video game with and in-game demonstration of everyone's favorite canine Inhuman in action on the first day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo E3.

During the demo, Arthur Parsons, head designer at series developer TT Games, explained why he thinks Lockjaw is a perfect fit for the game. Not only is he a giant dog, "he can teleport [and] he's an absolute fiend when it comes to fighting bad guys and everything else."

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Parsons further revealed that Lockjaw's Inhuman teammates "form a really, really key part of the story as you get further into the game," and that the playing area is "probably about four or five times the size" of that of the original game.

The sequel to 2013's original LEGO Marvel Superheroes title, LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 tasks players with taking down the time-traveling villain Kang the Conqueror as they visit different time periods and settings from across the Marvel multiverse through the the game’s hub world, Chronopolis. Locations featured in the game include Ancient Egypt, The Old West, Attilan, Lemur, Sakaar and New York City in 2099. In addition, the game will also feature a new four-player battle mode that allows for competitive or cooperative play.


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Developed by TT Games, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is scheduled for a North American release on November 14 and will be available for PS4, Switch, Xbox One and PC. Those Pre-ordering the game will also gain exclusive access to the characters from the classic Guardians of the Galaxy line-up including Charlie 27 etc.

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