The Latest Chapter of Marvel/DC's Unofficial Crossover Just Happened

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Lockjaw #4 by Daniel Kibblesmith and Carlos Villa, in stores now.

Over the past few months, DC and Marvel have both featured little nods and direct references to one another. It started with Infinity Countdown Prime confirming that an alternate universe version of Carol Danvers' Captain Marvel bore a striking resemblance to DC's former Captain Marvel, Shazam, an affirmation that was bolstered in this week's Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel one-shot. Then, in Booster Gold, the time-traveling superhero went further than that by teasing that the Marvel Universe is actually part of the DC Multiverse.

Both instances confirmed that Marvel and DC were part of each other's respective Multiverses, and in this week's Lockjaw #4, we get the clearest Marvel/DC crossover yet.

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In the final issue of the giant Inhuman dog's miniseries, Lockjaw ands human sidekick D-Man travel to the Negative Zone to engage in a battle Annihilus. During the fight, Lockjaw uses his power of teleportation over and over again, transporting the battle from one place to another... and from one reality to another. It starts by moving the fight to Asgard, then in the space between worlds, before moving onto the Ultimate Universe, which was recently confirmed to exist once again.

Lockjaw Marvel DC crossover

This is where things get really fun -- while the other places Lockjaw visits are identified by name, the next he visits is marked as "Redacted." D-Man, Annihilus and the Inhuman dog find themselves fighting in the sky for a single panel, and we can clearly see the feet that belong to Superman and Wonder Woman. We may not see their full figures, but there is no mistaking it -- these are clearly two of the DCU's biggest superheroes.

Sadly, this is likely the biggest Marvel/DC crossover we're likely to see for some time as the publishers aren't interested in an official follow-up to their last epic clash. But there's no mistaking it: Lockjaw teleported into the DCU, and Superman and Wonder Woman now have the strange tale of a teleporting dog, a dragon and an alien fighting each other to share with the rest of the Justice League.

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