Locke & Key Replaces Scott Derrickson with It Director

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The saga of the Locke & Key adaptation has been a frought multi-year process. It looks like the project has encountered yet another setback with the loss of its director -- but this is by no means a death sentence for the TV show, although it may disappoint fans of the helmer.

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Scott Derrickson, whose unique style brought Marvel's Doctor Strange to life on the big screen, has exited the project. This was due to a simple scheduling conflict, as Derrickson is also directing the Snowpiercer show for TNT. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he has been replaced by another beloved horror director -- Andy Muschietti -- who directed the very scary Mama and the upcoming It movie.

The adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's modern horror classic was first filmed as a TV pilot in 2011. It wasn't picked up by Fox, and the project languished in development hell for years. At the time, fans hoped that another network would buy the pilot, or expand it into a movie, but it never happened. However, in May of 2016, Locke & Key was given a second chance, this time with co-creator Hill on the writing staff. The new Locke & Key show is planned to for Hulu.

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Locke & Key is an Eisner Award-winning comic series, centering on the Locke family: Mother Nina and her three children, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode. After the murder of Nina’s husband Rendell, the family return to Keyhouse, the family home in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. They are stalked by a mysterious woman living in the well behind the house. Things look hopeless until the kids find a weapon to fight back -- numerous doors that can transport the mansion’s residents to other worlds, or bestow them with supernatural abilities.

The Locke & Key series doesn't have a release date.

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