Rare Locke & Key One-Shots Collected in New Hardcover

There's a new "Locke & Key" hardcover on the way, and it's big news for the book's fans, as the one-shots from outside the main volumes of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's acclaimed horror-fantasy series are finally being collected.

The "Locke & Key: Heaven and Earth Deluxe Hardcover Edition" is scheduled for release in July from IDW, and CBR has the details. The book will include the story "Open the Moon," which originally appeared in 2011's "Locke & Key: Guide to the Known Keys" one-shot and was nominated for Best Single Issue (or One-Shot) in the 2012 Eisner Awards; 2012 one-shot "Grindhouse;" and "In the Can," from 2009's "IDW: 10 Year Anniversary Comic Book."

"Locke & Key" debuted in 2008 with the first miniseries, telling the story ""Welcome to Lovecraft." The series stands as one of IDW's biggest original hits, with Hill winning the Best Writer Eisner Award in 2011 for his work on the series, which wrapped in 2013. The "Heaven and Earth" collection appears to be similar to the planned "Golden Age" hardcover that Hill has spoken about in interviews in the past, including with CBR in 2013.

"Locke & Key" completists can look for the "Heaven and Earth" hardcover this summer, with a scheduled release date of July 26. The 72-page book comes with a new cover by Rodriguez, "behind-the-scenes" photos and a cover price of $14.99.

Here's a look at Rodriguez's cover, and full solicitation details:

Locke & Key: Heaven and Earth Deluxe Hardcover Edition—SPOTLIGHT

Joe Hill (w) • Gabriel Rodriguez & Jay Fotos (a) • Gabriel Rodriguez (c)

Following the Small World deluxe edition, this special deluxe release finally reprints the oft-requested and long-denied Eisner-winning one-shot, “Open the Moon!” Plus the other long-sold-out one-shot, “Grindhouse!” PLUS plus: the even more hard-to-find IDW 10th anniversary Locke & Key tale, “In the Can!” And additional covers, behind-the-scenes photos and more, all wrapped up in a beautiful 72-page hardcover package.

HC • FC • 72 pages • $14.99 • ISBN: 978-1-68405-181-6

Expected in-store date: 7/26/17

Bullet points:

· The long-sold-out Eisner-winning “Open the Moon,” re-presented at last!

· Along with the nearly impossible-to-find one-shots “Grindhouse” and “In the Can!”

· Plus additional Locke & Key covers, photo gallery and more!

· Brand-new cover by L&K co-creator Gabriel Rodriguez!

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