Locations sought for 2005 24 Hour Comics Day

Official Press Release

The folks behind 24 Hour Comics Day announced that they are now signing up comic book shops and other locations to host marathon cartooning events as part of 24 Hour Comics Day 2005. These events, centered on amateur and professional cartoonists taking the 24 hour comic challenge to try to create complete twenty-four page comics in twenty-four straight hours, will take place on April 23rd, 2005.

Official 24 Hour Comics Day events can be hosted by any comics retailer, school, museum, or pre-existing comics club in the world. The inaugural celebration in 2004 featured events at over fifty locations internationally. Retailers hosting events found that it energized their local cartooning community, gave their stores a creative sensibility, served as a good base for generating local press attention, and served as an excuse for holding all-night sales.

Those interested in hosting events should go to www.24HourComics.com/2005/storefaq.html for information on what it takes to host an event and how to sign up. People seeking more general information about 24 Hour Comics Day and the 24 hour comics challenge can go to www.24HourComics.com

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