"Lobster Girl" Claws Her Way to Comic Stores in August

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Somerdale, NJ – It's not every day you meet a beautiful, dangerous woman with claws for hands, but this summer readers will do just that. The current issue of Previews, featuring items shipping in August, includes the new psychological thriller, Lobster Girl, from Dakuwaka Productions. The mature readers one-shot is the story of one woman's struggle to save that which she holds most dear from the clutches of something truly evil.

The dark, supernatural tale is the creation of writer, Jon Morvay, a short story author who makes his first trek into the comics world, and features gritty art by newcomers, Antti Isosomppi and Shelley Bergen. Lobster Girl takes you on a trip to all those places you've spent your life avoiding. It is a story you won't forget.

"Lobster Girl started as a short story, but its content seemed like a perfect fit for a graphic medium like comics," said creator, Jon Morvay. "I'm thrilled that Dakuwaka allowed me the place to translate it. At first glance, Lobster Girl may seem like a tragic character, but she is really a strong female lead. When she's faced with a dire problem, she takes matters into her own hands and finds a way to solve it. Her method may be a bit extreme, but what mother wouldn't go that far to save their child?"

The solicitation in the current Previews looks like this:

Lobster Girl #1

J. Morvay, A. Isosomppi, S. Bergen, P. Ansaldi

LOBSTER GIRL, a ravishing lap-dancer with claws for hands! SNOW, a blind albino psychopath! Both in a race to find their long-lost SUPERNATURAL SON! Snow wants to destroy him...steal his POWER! LOBSTER GIRL will do anything to protect her child! Jake, simply looking for a lap-dance, rides a rollercoaster to HELL!

32 pages, FC, $2.99

Dakuwaka is offering retailers a cost effective incentive to try the new Lobster Girl one-shot. For every 2 issues of Lobster Girl ordered by retailers, their store will receive one additional issue absolutely free.

To order this issue now, use Diamond order code: JUN073428 F.

Retailers, be sure to use this special incentive order code to receive your free issues: JUN073429 F.

To learn more about Lobster Girl and Dakuwaka Productions, log onto: www.dakuwaka.com.

About Dakuwaka Productions and Lobster Girl:

Located in Somerdale, New Jersey, Dakuwaka Productions is the publishing home for the political superhero thriller, Helios, the supernatural, action thriller, Purity and the new psychological thriller, Lobster Girl. The Lobster Girl one-shot is the brainchild of writer Jon Morvay and features the art of talented newcomers, Antti Isosomppi and Shelley Bergen. More information on Dakuwaka can be found on their web site: www.dakuwaka.com.

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