Lobo, Wonder Girl Arrive on DC Nation

In addition to new clips and a batch of stills from this weekend's all-new DC Nation episode of "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" and the Season 2 premiere of "Young Justice," Cartoon Network has released an excerpt from this weekend's "Super Best Friends Forever" short, guest-starring Superman!

DC Nation, featuring "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" and "Young Justice," airs Saturdays at 10AM ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

New DC Nation Animated Short "Super Best Friends Forever: Grounded"

"Green Lantern: The Animated Series - ...In Love and War

The Green Lanterns save a different type of Lantern from an invading space monster.  Grateful for their rescue, the Star Sapphires, whose power comes from love, invite everyone to their homeworld.  It turns out, however, that the whole thing was a set-up to drain the Lanterns' power rings by encasing them in crystals.

"Young Justice - Happy New Year!

The Team takes on the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo... as a precursor to an alien INVASION!

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