Lobo Screenwriter Teases Which Comic Book Run the Film Will Adapt

With Michael Bay rumored to be circling Warner Bros.' Lobo movie as director, details have now emerged hinting at which comics the film may follow.

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Screenwriter Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) revealed in an interview with Latino Review Media that he's eyeing the Lobo comics that depict the alien bounty-hunter as a warrior that's dishing out violence as the final remnant and sole survivor of his people.

"I think when you’re working on comic book characters, especially ones that are near and dear to my heart, like Wonder Woman and Lobo are, you want to create something that’s true to what the original text are. I think Wonder Woman really captures the feeling of — not only the original Moulton Marston comics, but the George Perez run in the late '80s. It feels like reading those comics up on the big screen. So for something like Lobo, without saying too much about it, it’ll feel, I imagine, quite different, because the Lobo comic itself is quite different. What Keith Giffen and Alan Grant put together was something really unique, and hopefully we’ll capture some of that same spirit when we make the movie.”

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Created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, Lobo debuted in 1983’s Omega Men #3 as a self-centered villain with a penchant for mindless aggression, but he gained popularity later on as a parody of Wolverine, Punisher and other antiheroes. Here, Giffen painted him as a Velorpian whose entire race was wiped out by Psions. However, in the early '90s, Grant retconned the character as the last Czarnian who violently killed every other member of his species.

Whatever route the DCEU takes, it seems they are setting him up on a crash collision with Superman. Warner Bros. has been eyeing a Lobo live-action film for over 15 years, with Guy Richie and Brad Peyton each attached to direct at different points since 2009. Lobo seemed to fall apart in 2013, when Dwayne Johnson dropped out of Peyton’s version, only for the adaptation to spring back to life in March 2016 with the hiring of Fuchs.

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