The Mother of Lobo's Daughter May Be A Major DC Player


A major player from the DC Universe may be the mother of Lobo’s daughter Crush, if a tease from DC Nation is to be believed.

The illegitimate daughter of feared intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo, Crush was recently introduced in the pages of Teen Titans as a member of Damian Wayne’s team. Raised in a space orphanage, Crush came to Earth and agreed to help the heroes if they can help her solve some mysteries of her own. The biggest mystery, which has plagued both her and DC fans alike, is the question of her parentage.

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In the pages of DC Nation #4, editor Alex Antone teased the identity of the mystery woman, pointing out that it’s going to take a while to get to that particular reveal. “That’s a big, ongoing mystery in the series, and won’t be revealed for a while," Antone wrote. "The bigger immediate question is: Does Lobo know about her? What would he do if he did?”

Lobo finding out about Crush is obviously going to be a pretty big deal, but a second teaser from Teen Titans writer Adam Glass hints that the revelation about her mother could have a bigger impact on the DC Universe as a whole. “We’ll find out that her mother could possibly be one of the big hitters of the DCU,” Glass teased.

DC Nation #4 is currently available for free. Adam Glass and Bernard Chang's Teen Titans #22 goes on sale September 19.

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