Lobo's Daughter Joins DC's Teen Titans in July

The roster of DC Comics' Teen Titans will undergo an overhaul this summer when Lobo's daughter, Crush, officially joins the team. The news came during Saturday's DC Publishers panel at WonderCon.

Teen Titans will receive a new creative team in July, with writer Adam Glass (Supernatural, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders) and artist Bernard Chang (Batman Beyond) beginning their run with Issue #20. The title sees Robin recruit Kid Flash and Red Arrow, along with new characters Crush, Djinn and Roundhouse.

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Teen Titans cover by Bernard Chang

Lobo is currently a member of Justice League of America, though DC will relaunch its Justice League line of titles following the conclusion of the Justice League: No Justice miniseries, where The Last Czarnian will be a part of Batman's Entropy team with Lex Luthor, Beast Boy and Deathstroke.

Artist Jorge Jimenez provided character designs for Crush, who has a striking resemblance to her notorious father. Both Czarnians have white skin with unique hairstyles, while sharing an appreciation for biker chains.


Following the departure of previous ongoing writer Benjamin Percy with issue #19, it was believed that the book would be canceled in the wake of Justice League: No Justice. Instead, Glass and Robson Rocha will release the special issue on sale June 27, which will serve as a jumping on point for new readers. The story will then continue where the main title left off, with Teen Titans #20 in July.

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