Wait, How Does DC's Lobo Have a Daughter in the First Place?


During one of its many information-filled WonderCon panels last weekend, DC unveiled a the lineup of heroes for its new Teen Titans comic. While there were several new additions to the expected line-up, perhaps most interesting ir the inclusion of Crush, the daughter of Lobo.

That's right: The Main Man has a kid, and she's going to be a member of the publisher's premier team of underage superheroes

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But as cool and as cute as it might be to have someone like Lobo in the body of a teenager, it's certainly worth asking how exactly this could be possible. After all, you would think that for the last Czarnian to procreate, he would have be to, well, not the last Czarnian after all, right? While we don't have all (or any, really) answers yet, we do have a few working theories.

The New Clone on the Block?

One of the more obvious explanations is that this new kid will be revealed to actually be a clone created from a drop of the Main Man's blood. Czarnians have the genetic ability to reproduce asexually by regenerating tissue from the smallest pieces of genetic matter, a power used by Lobo many times over. However, it's an ability that has largely gone ignored in recent stories.

Typically, these clones have been shown to be identical to their progenitor, but Peter David and Todd Nauck introduced a precedence for them to gain sentience and independence from their "father." Back in 2001, within the pages of Young Justice, Lobo was seemingly killed, and his blood produced dozens of clones. While these beings fought each other for dominance, a smaller and weaker clone known as Slobo decided to save himself.

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This independent creation even went on to join the Young Justice team for a while. However, due to his unstable biology, he eventually began to break down. Over time, he grew weaker and eventually went blind before finally meeting his final fate. If this is how Crush came to be, there is a possibility that her time with the Teen Titans will be presented as limited, though if she proves popular, we'd expect her issue to be resolved and her membership on the team to last for quite some time.

Like Father, Like Daughter

If she's not one of Lobo's biological clones, then that would likely make her his biological daughter. As obvious as that may sound, it's a pretty difficult feat to manage considering he's supposed to be the Last Czarnian. It's not like this epithet of his has always proven to be accurate, though; a female Czarnian named Sheba was seen in Rob Liefeld's run on Deathstroke a few years ago, and another member of his race, Gusano Tribb, was revealed to be alive in the recent Justice League of America Annual #1 by Steve Orlando and Kelley Jones.

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This wouldn't be the first time we met one of Lobo's biological offspring, of course. In 1992, Alan Grant and Keith Giffen unleashed the Lobo: Infanticide miniseries that dealt with Lobo's bastard children coming out of the woodwork, unifying, and going up again their own father. In that instance, the children were all half-Czarnian, since he would travel across the universe, having sex on every planet he visited. Though Crush looks very much like a full-blooded Czarnain, for all we know there's another alien race's DNA in her biological makeup.

Another possibility is that Sexy Lobo (aka faux-bo) might be her father. We're talking about the protagonist of Cullen Bunn and Reilly Brown's Lobo series. In 2014, DC decided to relaunch the character as a sleek and sexy assassin, but longtime fans were unhappy and the book only lasted 13 issues.

The existence of Faux-bo has mostly been forgotten, but Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #12 did establish that this version of the character still exists, locked away inside one of Brainiac's bottles. While we're not begging to see Faux-bo return to the DCU, if Crush is his daughter, it would be fun to see the pair interact -- and perhaps send him off into comic book obscurity once and for all.

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