Loaded Bible: Jesus vs. Vampires One-Shot Review

Loaded Bible is basically built around the concept described so succinctly in the title of the book - Jesus vs. Vampires.

In a post-apocalyptic future, humans and vampires are mortal enemies (vampires had been underground for thousands of years, until recently being discovered, which led into the nuclear war that brought us to this mess), and on the side of the humans is none other than the second coming of Jesus Christ.

He kicks major vampire ass, using such clever twists as "Holy Water spit" to burn vamps.

It's all amusing enough, although you have to wonder about what exactly you have to do to be considered controversial. Like Madonna and her being "crucified" on stage, to which the Catholic League essentially said, "Ho hum." This is one of those things, too, as this comic really is not all that controversial, especially as Jesus is clearly the hero of the comic.

We later learn that there is a vast conspiracy going on with the Church that causes Jesus to break from them and become a one-man show, but ulimately, this comic is pretty benign.

Writer Tim Seeley (along with his brother, Mark), write a pretty straightforward comic here, but it's fairly enjoyable. I really enjoyed the artwork from Nate Bellegarde and inker Mark Englert. Making Lilith (the first vampire) basically a monkey was quite clever.

Ultimately, though, while the comic was pretty fun, I think a lot of it was a bit too rote (and that's not me saying Jesus vs. Vamps is unoriginal, as Seeley came up with the idea before that movie on the same topic came out a couple of years ago), and for such a big comic book, I don't think we got enough plot. A little TOO slight for me to recommend, but I did think that the comic was a lot of fun.

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