Living Legends Stan Lee & John Romite on HSN with Dynamic Forces April 25th

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April 12, 2006, Runnemede, NJ – Premiere comics and collectibles company Dynamic Forces returns to HSN this spring as DF President Nick Barrucci hits the air on April 25th with two very special guests! The 11PM EST Hour will not only feature the best and most "dynamic" comic collectibles, but will also feature the "dynamic duo" of POW Entertainment's Stan "The Man" Lee and "jazzy" John Romita! Also, a special preview hour at 2AM EST (that's 11PM PST on the 24th) with President Nick Barrucci featuring more "dynamic" comic collectibles, set to whet fans appetite for the 11PM show.

Legendary Marvel Universe founder Stan Lee and definitive Spider-Man artist John Romita Sr. will be joining Barrucci for the 11:00 PM show on the 25th. The appearance by Lee and Romita marks both their return to HSN after an absence of many years, and are appearing together for the first time. Celebrating an anniversary of his own is Romita who - 40 years ago this year - began his career defining work on the Amazing Spider-Man with the legendary Amazing Spider-Man #39 – Spider-Man against the Green Goblin! Together, these men represent the pinnacle of Marvel Comics and continue to proudly serve as living legends for the comics industry as a whole!

"It took a lot of work (coordinating their schedules) to get these two living legends together at the same time on the same day, but thanks to HSN and DF, we've got a real treat planned for everyone on April 25th," exclaimed DF President Nick Barrucci. "We always have a lot of fun when either of these guys joins us for a special hour of comics and collectibles, can you imagine what it's going to be like when they're together?!?!? Oh, the stories they can tell!"

The show will feature collectible items that are premiering on HSN. Fans will have a diverse selection of comics autographed by Stan "The Man" Lee himself, with some being limited to only 25 signed copies in the world! And while the signed comics are special, matter of fact, we feel really special, THE item to get is going to be the one of a kind Spider-Man newspaper strips - from Stan's personal collection - that are airing for the first time! That's right – EACH ONE IS A ONE OF A KIND – each one is different! Each strip is an original from the Spider-Man Daily Newspaper strip that Stan started many years ago! Dynamic Forces has never brought such rare one of a kind items on the air before, and if this show is as successful as we think it is, may not be able to bring these on the air ever again! No collectible is more limited than ONE OF A KIND – and this is the most limited of them all. The Spider-Man Newspaper strip have appeared in thousands of newspapers worldwide over the last several decades, but fans can each purchase a ONE OF A KIND actual strip. Because of the nature of the strips, fans will be able to purchase one, but the strip being shipped will each be different, as no two strips are the same.

About the strips, their offering on this special show is the end results of the hard work of Dynamic Forces, and one man in particular, says Stan Lee: "I've been so busy I sort of forgot about these strips until Nicky reminded me! This show really is that important and will be seen by many, many fans."

And for the Romita fans, Dynamic Forces has found a very special Iris Print Lithograph from 1996 – featuring the image from the first story "Jazzy" John Romita drew, featuring Spider-Man against his mortal enemy – The Green Goblin! This lithograph has been sold out from most outlets for years, but DF was able to acquire a few, and bring these on the air! For this special show, Dynamic was able to get Stan to sign 50 copies of this special litho, and these limited edition pieces of art will be premiering on HSN with both signatures! And remember, these are not being made to order. DF was fortunate to be able to locate 50 units, and bringing them on the air for this special show. Once these sell out, DF will not be able to acquire any more!

Concerning this amazing find – after all, it was almost 10 years ago Romita signed the Spider-Man #40 Iris Prints for Jim Lee's Wildstorm Iris Prints – Romita commented: "[being able to offer these is] Truly amazing, since drawing the comic 40 years ago was done under the usual deadline pressure and we were just glad to get anything out.

So be sure to tune in – and tell your family and friends (post on your favorite website, chat room or blog – pretty please with sugar on it) – Tuesday, April 25 beginning at 11:00 PM EST for DF, Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. – and for those wishing a sneak peak at 2AM on the 25ht EST – only on HSN!

For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com.

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