Living Laser! Spymaster! The Ghost! All Return in "Iron Man: Inevitable"

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Inevitably, Iron Man had to expect retaliation from his oldest enemies after his secret identity went public and then was subsequently restored. Now, Shell-Head's rogues are more dangerous than ever and they're looking to make Tony Stark pay for their many defeats at the hands of Iron Man in "Iron Man: The Inevitable #1."

"Part of what this series is about is that basic approach to the character and reintegrating some of what I always loved about Iron Man - primarily his Rogues Gallery," says writer Joe Casey. "Iron Man's got some great villains and we're bringing back not one, not two, but three of Iron Man's classic foes in this thing, retooled, and updated for the new century."

Featuring the return of such fan-favorite Iron Man villains like Living Laser, The Ghost, and Spymaster, "Iron Man: The Inevitable" is reintroducing some of the Armored Avenger's deadliest opponents from the past, but with a whole new edge.

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"Iron Man: The Inevitable" also deals with the reaction of Iron Man's rogues to his secret identity going public and how they refuse to believe that it's not Tony Stark in the armor. And to complicate matters, there is a mini-arms race concerning the Living Laser as Tony tries to cure his old sparring partner while the Spymaster wants him as his own perfect weapon.

It has all the makings of a classic revenge story as Iron Man's past comes back to haunt him in the form of three deadly villains in "Iron Man: The Inevitable."

IRON MAN: THE INEVITABLE #1 (of 6) (OCT051969)

Written by Joe Casey

Penciled by Frazer Irving

Cover by Frazer Irving


FOC - 12/1, On Sale - 12/21/05

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