Live! (Sorta) from New York, It's Augie De Blieck Jr.!

I've known CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland for 13 years now, since he first hired me on at CBR as employee #2. While we've talked a lot over the years, we've never "rolled tape" on one of those conversations. I was honored when Jonah, on the spur of the moment at New York Comic-Con this year, invited me in front of the camera with him to chat about -- well, he didn't know.  We made it up on the fly, and I think it turned out pretty good. In this episode of CBR TV, you'll get looks back at the early days of both CBR and the NYCC, some thoughts on how things have changed over the years and the current status of Pipeline.

Things change quickly on the internet. In the early days of CBR, Jonah did a few audio interviews that were available as downloadable MP3s. Years later, I started the first comic book podcast at CBR.  Video has overtaken all of that now, and CBR TV is a big production complete with multiple cameras, a dedicated editor and an engineer.  Who'd have thought that a website that looked like an early blog would morph into the multimedia empire it is today?

So please enjoy this video, as you watch two old friends talking about the crazy worlds of comics, conventions, and websites. If you like it, please let Jonah know so that he invites me back next year.

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