Live chat tonight with 'Labor Days' creators and goofball blogger

Last fall I interviewed Rick Lacy and Phil Gelatt, the creators of Labor Days, and tonight they're turning the tables on me. They host a live chat show on the Oni Press site and have invited me to join them for their 20th episode at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific. Here's the description of the show:

Well here we are! Victorious after 20 episodes of Tuesday night jaw-flapping! God, has it really been that long already?

In honor of this momentous milestone, we will be doing something a little different, something a little special, something a little crazy. Instead of the normal free form shotgun blast of chit-chat, tonight we have a special guest to interview about their life in comics.

And that special guest is J.K. Parkin of the super-blog, Robot 6.

That's right, the interviewer shall become the interviewee. All bets are off!

We'll be chatting about what it's like wheeling and dealing in the world of comics blogging, all manner of pop culture ephemera and how he works that magic that he works so well.

As per the norm now, we'll be doing it via Cover-It-Live. We'll put a link to the chat up here so you can find it easily.

9 pm eastern/6pm pacific

Stop in and have a chat with the man who brings you all the news you need!

See that picture of Phil up top, where he's snoozing on the plane? I only hope I don't have that effect on their audience. In all seriousness, it should be fun, so stop by if you're online tonight. The chat will occur on the Oni Press blog.

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