Live-Action Voltron Film On The Way From X-Men, Watchmen Writer


Universal Pictures' recent deal with DreamWorks Animation has had a surprise side effect. In addition to gaining a number of animation projects, Universal has also inherited a live-action feature film that was in development with DreamWorks -- and that live-action feature film is "Voltron." The project started at DreamWorks Animation, the same company behind the recent Netflix animated series "Voltron: Legendary Defender

Deadline has reported that a live-action adaptation of the fan favorite '80s animated series is now in the works at Universal. It's also been confirmed that screenwriter David Hayter, the writer behind "X-Men" and "Watchmen," is on board to write the film's script. Producing the live-action "Voltron" is Tom Engelman ("Pitch Black," "The Last Samurai").

As the project was inherited as part of Universal Pictures' deal with DreamWorks, it's not yet certain just where the live-action "Voltron" will end up. Further information will be revealed once Hayter turns in a script to Universal.

The animated series "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" debuted in 1984 and focused on a team of astronauts that piloted individual robot lions. Those lions, of course, combine to form the titular super robot Voltron. The series has remained popular over the last 30 years, spawning other animated series and comics. The most recent iteration, "Voltron: Legendary Defender," debuted in June 2016 as a Netflix exclusive series produced by DreamWorks Animation. The latest series served as a reboot of the franchise.

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