Will DC's Live-Action Titans Star Robin or Nightwing?


Fans eager to learn who would be stepping into the role of Dick Grayson in the live-action Titans series debuting on the DC Comics-branded digital streaming service finally got their answer late last week. Actor Brenton Thwaites has been tapped with bringing the iconic sidekick-turned-leading man to life. This news, which following the castings for fellow Titans Raven and Starfire, means the series has over half of its announced roster filled. Only Beast Boy remains upcast, though rumors indicate Warners Bros. is also looking to add Hawk and Dove to the mix.

Billed as Titans' lead character, Dick Grayson is a name both casual and diehard comic books fans will immediately recognize as Robin, the Boy Wonder, aka Batman's original sidekick. Dick eventually moved on from the Robin moniker and took on the name Nightwing, a move designed to carve out a new path for himself without the looming shadow of the Dark Knight hovering over him.

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All that said, there's been something peculiar regarding promotion for Titans, and Dick Grayson, specifically. It’s never explicitly stated which of Dick's superhero identities Thwaites will be playing in the superhero affair. Is it Robin, or is it Nightwing? All of the official press materials, dating back to the series announcement, refer only to “Dick Grayson” and never use either of his codenames. With the series titled Titans and not Teen Titans, you can’t blame fans for assuming the older Nightwing would be leading the group, but on the other hand, there is mounting evidence Warner Bros. is leaning towards the more familiar Robin name for the Titans’ leader.

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