Live-Action 'Street Fighter V' Tie-In Coming From Machinima

Capcom and Machinima are teaming up yet again for another live-action "Street Fighter" webseries -- this time, tying-in to the next game in the franchise, "Street Fighter V." The series, titled "Street Fighter: Resurrection," is set to debut in March.

According to Variety, "Street Fighter: Resurrection" is getting a five-episode order, and will debut on Verizon's go90 app.

The series will center around the character Charlie Nash -- played by Alan Mousi -- who has returned from the dead, and begins targeting legendary fighters. Naturally, classic Street Fighters Ryu and Ken take it upon themselves to find out why.

Taking place 10 years after the last Machinima show, "Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist," the sequel series is set to bring back Mike Moh and Christian Howard as Ryu and Ken, respectively.

The last "Street Fighter" webseries managed to accumulate over 17 million views -- so it looks like "Street Fighter: Resurrection" already has a hefty fan base waiting for more.

"Street Fighter V," releasing on PS4 and PC, hits stores on February 16.

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