Live-Action Kim Possible: Everything We Know So Far

Kim Possible trailer

It seems like almost every popular Disney film has a live-action adaptation in the works, especially '90s favorites like The Lion King and Aladdin. These adaptations promise to bring childhood favorites to life on the big screen. However, live-action adaptations of TV shows aren't as common. The Disney Channel is testing the waters with a live-action adaptation of Kim Possible. The popular spy series ran from 2002 to 2007. The show featured lots of action and intrigue, but it also captured the struggles of falling in love and growing up. Here is everything we know about the live-action adaptation of the 2000's classic.

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7 New Faces

The live-action Kim Possible film includes several new characters, but the most important is Athena. Athena is a mysterious new student who joins Kim, Ron, and Wade on their adventures. Newcomer Ciara Riley Wilson plays Athena, who appears in almost all of the promotional shots and trailers.

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Wilson states that she added several tics and nuances to her character to create a believable backstory. Athena appears to have skills that rival Kim's, and she engages in several high-flying stunts in the sneak previews. She also shows off her sparring skills and appears in a tense, dramatic scene with Kim. Athena is already closely tied to the plot.

6 Old Favorites

It wouldn't be a Kim Possible movie without Ron, Wade, and Rufus! The live-action film reunites the classic spy team from the original cartoon. Fans originally worried that Rufus might not appear in the film, but Nancy Cartwright is back as the voice of Ron's pet mole rat. Newcomers Sadie Stanley and Sean Giambrone star as Kim and Ron, and returning cast members Patton Oswalt and Christy Carlson Romano (Kim's original voice actress) appear as Professor Dementor and Poppy Blu. Among the other cast members are Isaac Ryan Brown who plays tech genius Wade, and Alyson Hannigan, who plays Dr. Ann Possible.

5 Heroes and Villains

All good spy movies need an evil scientist and a loyal henchman. True to form, Kim's archenemies Dr. Drakken and Shego return in the live-action adaptation - and it's nice to see that not much about them has changed. . Todd Stashwick and Taylor Ortega star as the evil duo in the Kim Possible reboot. Drakken and his energy-wielding sidekick battle Kim in the trailers and sneak previews. The live-action versions appear to be faithful to their animated counterparts, with Drakken as the bumbling inventor and Shego as his feisty, dedicated bodyguard. Their role in the plot is not clear at first, but their continued attempts at world domination will likely challenge Team Possible in the new movie.

4 Marvel Crossovers

The ever-expanding Disney universe now includes Star Wars, the Muppets, and Marvel. A Disney Channel TV spot unites Captain Marvel and Kim Possible in a unique way. In the ad, Brie Larson and Sadie Stanley compare their heroic qualities while discussing a possible team-up. As two of Disney's female superheroes, this combination makes perfect sense. Larson even quotes the classic Kim Possible theme, saying "call me or beep me", and Stanley claims that that's "her line". Captain Marvel takes place in the '90s, so the beeper reference is fitting. Even though the ad is only a brief promo for both movies, it shows that Disney is willing to use crossovers to promote its massive universe. Nothing else has been confirmed, but the idea of a Captain Marvel-Kim Possible team-up is exciting.

3 Cameos

Kim Possible has always featured celebrity guests, cameos, and subtle throwbacks, from George Takei to Debbie Reynolds in the cartoon, to Poppy Blu in the live-action film.

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Poppy Blu is played by Christy Carlson Romano, the original voice of Kim Possible in the 2002 series. Romano's return to the franchise is a strong tie to the original series. Her character in the new film is a famous pop star and an ally to Kim Possible. This character didn't appear in the original series, either, so she's one of the new additions for the adaptation. Even though most of the main actors are newcomers, a guest appearance with the original Kim is a fitting tribute to the original series and cast.

2 Gadgets And Tools

Kim Possible has always featured high-tech gadgets, weapons, and vehicles. The new film is no exception. The trailer shows a few items from Kim's arsenal, including communicators, jet packs, and glass cutters.

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Team Possible is supported by Wade, a tech-savvy boy genius, and Ron, Kim's loyal sidekick. They use communicators and holograms to help Kim in the animated series, so the film had to bring advanced technology to life. However, the cartoon aired 17 years ago, so the film had to update the tech while retaining an air of futurism. The film appears to be faithful to the look of the weapons and tech from the original series.

1 Who Is In The Cast?

The live-action Kim Possible adaptation features a primarily new cast, but some actors like Patton Oswalt and Nancy Cartwright play the same characters that they voiced in the 2002 series. The film was also written by Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley, the original creators of the Kim Possible cartoon series.  Several other cast members are Disney channel alumni, including Sean Giambrone (Ron Stoppable) and director Zach Lipovsky. Lipovsky also produced Mech-X4. Other actors are known for cult hits like Buffy (Alyson Hannigan) and 12 Monkeys (Todd Stashwick). Young, promising newcomers like Stanley, Giambrone, and Wilson also shine.

Kim Possible premiered almost 20 years ago on the Disney Channel. It is an enduring favorite with charm and timeless appeal. The spy show that inspired a generation of is finally getting its own live-action adaptation, which is no small feat for a TV series. This could even mark the launch of a whole new Kim Possible franchise! The premiere date is February 15.

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