'Little White Mouse: Perfect Collection #2' due out February

Official Press Release

[Little White Mouse]This April, Blue Line Pro Comics continues to collect the historyof Little White Mouse with LITTLE WHITE MOUSE PERFECT COLLECTION #2.Collecting the hard-to-find second series, this trade paperback isfilled with tons of extra artwork and sketches never before published!Demand for Little White Mouse is on the rise and this trade delivers!

This collection features the art and writing of series creator PAULSIZER, along with additional artwork and pin-ups from a growing cast ofbig-name creators including JEFF MOY and W.C. CARANI (Legionnaires),MARK CRILLEY (Akiko) and "king of mini-comics" MATT FEAZELL(Cynicalman). This series also contains two of the most popular LWMfeatures produced to date; the manga-style blow-out "Fever Dream" andMatt Feazell's manic take on Loo and company, "Little Cynical Mouse!" Anextensive sketchbook section featuring never-before published characterdrawings, concept sketches, and pin-ups by Sizer rounds out thiscollection.

The trade features 144 b/w interior pages with a brand new fullcolor cover by Sizer. Little White Mouse Perfect Collection #2 will beavailable in the February edition of Previews at a SRP of $14.95.

Blue Line Pro is the leading provider of comic book art boards andart supplies, providing the proper tools, knowledge, and professionaledge to established and aspiring creators around the world. Along withBLP Comics, Blue Line Pro is the parent company and publisher of Sketch Magazine, the world's leading industrial trade publication among the comic book industry.

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