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SLG Publisher Bob Simpkins announced this week that the self-published series Little Scrowlie would be joining Slave Labor Graphics¹ line of titles, starting in March 2003.

Little Scrowlie came to life in 1999, when Jennifer Feinberg and Todd Meister began publishing these whimsical and satirical tales of suburban Goth culture through their own label, Chi Comics. Through convention appearances, internet sales, and eventually limited comic-book store distribution through Cold Cut and Last Gasp, the series developed a cult following, but only saw about one issue published per year. Freed from the business obligations of self-publishing and distributing, Jen and Todd expect their productivity to increase considerably in the months to come.

"Little Scrowlie is a perfect fit for us," Simpkins said. "Many of our readers already are fans of the series, and we think people who love books like GloomCookie are going to love this too." GloomCookie creator Serena Valentino, in fact, is already a fan of the book: "This is the squishiest comic ever! I love the cats, but the satire and the beautiful art make Little Scrowlie something special," Valentino said.

The first storyline of the series concerns an evil fashion designer who tries to control H.P. Lovecraft-inspired supernatural forces in her plot to force mall teens to wear her clothing designs. Roommates Elizabeth and Sabrina are drawn into her plot, along with their would-be warlock friend, James. Along for the ride is Sabrina¹s feisty black cat, Scrowlie, and Scrowlie¹s new friend, a white cat owned by suburban goth-chick Claire.

Among the series fans are Tim Stroup, owner of Cold Cut Distribution, who says "the fascinating stylized goth-chic art, cute horror storyline, and commentary on the urban mall lifestyle put this unique book at the top of my reading pile, but the cats steal the show." Several reviews of the series have also appeared at the on-line magazine Sequential Tart. Wrote reviewer Adrienne Rappaport, "I love Little Scrowlie. It¹s spooooky, but it¹s also fun." Mary Fleener wrote in The Comics Journal that Little Scrowlie is "very charming."

The first four self-published issues will be reprinted by SLG with new cover art, and made available for the first time to a wider audience. Beginning with issue #5, the series will feature all-new material. The series launch will be supported with a promotional mailing to selected retailers and fans of SLG series such as GloomCookie, as well as ads in the Diamond Comics Previews. Look for Little Scrowlie in the Amaze Ink/Slave Labor section of Previews v.13 #1, available in stores on 12/26/03. Additional promotional material will reach retailers in January 2003. To see an on-line preview of Little Scrowlie #1, go to the SLG website or use the link.

Little Scrowlie is a 24-page black-and-white series published quarterly with a cover price of $2.95.

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