Little Dragon steps inside a comic for free concert in L.A.

What's cooler than seeing your favorite band in a small venue? How about seeing your favorite band and getting a comic featuring them at that same show?

As a part of Tumblr IRL ("In Real Life), Swedish synthpop band Little Dragon performed a free "pop-up" show for fans Friday in Los Angeles, and with them was artist Brian Butler. Butler is a friend of the band and the creator of Nabuma Comics, a limited-edition comic that features the band members getting stuck inside a strange world that exists in their keyboardist's beard.

And what a beard it is:

You can see the comic for yourself on the band's Tumblr. In addition to creating the comic and selling it at the show, the artwork was used as the backdrop for the concert:

“The idea was to have them perform inside the beard and, in a way, perform inside the comic,” Butler told the Los Angeles Daily News.

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