Little Archie's Classic Adventures To Be Collected

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After more than 15 years of reading about the hilarious life of Archie Andrews and his Riverdale friends, it was no surprise that a lot of readers wanted to know more about the early life of America's favorite teenager. Did he know Jughead, Reggie, Veronica and Betty in elementary school? And, did Betty and Veronica battle for Archie's affections even at that young age?

In 1956, curious readers got the answers to some of their questions, little Archie # I hit the newsstands. The Adventures of Little Archie had two major things going for it: the mega-talented writer/artist Bob Bolling, and a cast of characters already familiar and beloved by countless fans.

Bolling took the basic elements of Archie and his friends and altered their trials and triumphs to the experiences that an adolescent would have. He maintained the personalities that readers had come to know and love, while expanding the kids' adventures with whimsical flights of fancy that their teenage counterparts could only dream of! A glance through the pages of a typical Little Archie comic would leave children awestruck as they shared adventures involving animals and aliens, action and intrigue.

Over the years, we've received countless requests to reprint these classic LITTLE ARCHIE tales. Now, some of the best and earliest LITTLE ARCHIE stories are compiled in this special volume. Bob Bolling is considered by many comic book collectors to be Archie Comics' equivalent of "the duck man;' Carl Barks. It's easy to see why: his classic tales are epic in scope, as little Archie deals with Martian invaders, secret spies, pirates, freewheeling uncles, gorillas on the loose, and more! Who knew a little boy could have so many adventures? Don't miss this collection of vintage LITTLE ARCHIE stories originally published from 1961 through 1965. Another great entry in the ARCHIE CLASSICS reprint series, this colorful volume features a brand-new front cover illustration as well as a foreword by Bob Bolling!


96-page, full color trade paperback, $10.95 US. Ships 9/21.

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