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(Literal) Road to San Diego: Johnny Zito and Tony Trov

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(Literal) Road to San Diego: Johnny Zito and Tony Trov

Black Cherry Bombshells writers Johnny Zito and Tony Trov are taking the long way to San Diego this year — the pair is driving all the way from Pennsylvania to California for the con, stopping along the way to take in America.

Between making mix tapes and mapping out their route, the duo answered a few questions about their trip and what they have planned for the con. This is the second of hopefully four interviews I’m doing to see what folks have planned for the con; check out my interview with Neil Kleid from earlier this week.

JK: So, a cross-country road trip from Philadelphia to San Diego. How long is it going to take you to get there?

Johnny: We’re taking five days; a leisurely drive across this great nation to investigate the American Dream. We’ll video blog each day of the journey at July 18-29. It’s going to be like Lewis and Clarke meets Fear and Loathing.

Tony: The video segments will feature giant balls of yarn, engine-grilled hot dogs and NSFW truck stop shenanigans. Everyone can follow our bold adventure via Twitter (Zito & Trov), MySpace and Facebook.

JK: Where do you plan to stop along the way? Do you have any roadside attractions mapped out, or will you be playing it by ear?

Tony: We have planned stops in Chicago, Vegas, L.A. and Graceland. This is Zito’s first trip across the lower 48, but I’ve done it a few times. There are a few blank spots in my state spoon collection that I aims to fill in along the way.

Johnny: If there’s time we’re talking about hitting the moon crater and the Creationist Museum.

Tony: While we’re in San Diego we might even take a trip to Tijuana to take in a show…

Johnny: If this misadventure had a theme it would be to see as much silliness as possible.

JK: I remember long road trips with my family growing up. We wouldn’t talk to each other for at least two weeks after it ended. Is this going to affect your partnership?

Johnny: I’m not so worried about the 11 day trip together as I am the separation anxiety when we get home.

Tony: I know, I mean we live together but that wall between our rooms will seem like an ocean.

Johnny: This is like a Thogal type experience for us; an extreme psychological ordeal. We’re going into the darkness where all sin and self doubt will be washed away. I expect we’ll return as new men.

Tony: Maybe we won’t come back at all… like those first cosmonauts who were lost in space that nobody ever talks about.

JK: What do you guys have planned for the con this year?

Tony: We’re promoting the second season finale of Black Cherry Bombshells. The King has lied and spied her way back to the top. Now she aims to end the Bombshells once and for all.

Johnny: Anyone going to the con should hang out at the DC booth #1915, where we’ll be giving away free Black Cherry Bombshells’ buttons 4–5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Tony: Otherwise we’re looking to do lots of hanging out. Free drinks and karaoke are tops on my list.

Johnny: Our editor Kwanza is rumored to stretch his ‘Raoke muscles on occasion. I’ve been practicing my Michael Jackson so we’ll see if we can call him out for a showdown.

JK: What do you hope to accomplish at the con this year, both business wise and personally?

Tony: It’s more than just San Diego Comic Con for us this year. We’re on an expedition of scientific discovery.

Johnny: I feel like it’s the future, and I wanna see what that looks like between the Atlantic and Pacific.

Tony: We want to meet lots of people, take lots of pictures and eat pie at every diner along the way.

Johnny: We’re going to keep video blogging through the Con so if you can’t be there, hopefully you’ll get to see lots of the action at

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