LISTEN: Mike Colter Utters Luke Cage's Signature Catchphrase

The casts of Marvel and Netflix's expanding shared universe of shows -- including "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones" -- made a big splash at New York Comic Con this weekend. The Marvel/Netflix panel brought together for the first time in public three of the leads of the forthcoming "Defenders" series -- "Daredevil" lead Charlie Cox, "Jessica Jones" star Krysten Ritter and "Luke Cage" actor Mike Colter.

ComicBook.com caught up with Colter during the show and, with microphone in hand, took the opportunity to get the actor to utter his famous catchphrase -- "sweet Christmas." You can hear Colter say the phrase in the video below, as well as get his take on the uniqueness of the two-word saying.

During the aforementioned panel, Colter discussed what it's been like going from shooting a supporting role on "Jessica Jones" for six months to immediately beginning production on "Luke Cage," following "six minutes of sleep" and having a daughter.

"It was like signing on to a new best friend. Marvel is all-encompassing. It seems so long ago that Krysten and I were in the same room doing a chemistry read. I didn't know what we were getting into. I was trying to figure out who Luke Cage was and they were giving me vague answers, like Marvel, saying 'sign the papers, it's going to be good.' I don't know how, I didn't see any scripts, I just said yeah, and when I got the scripts from the lovely ['Jones' showrunner] Melissa Rosenberg, the scenes were so simple but real and grounded.'

"Jessica Jones" debuts on Netflix on November 20.

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