Lip Syncing Holland Trades in Spider-Man's Webs for Rihanna's Fishnets


Apparently, with great power comes great dance moves.

Audiences tuning into MTV Sunday night discovered this very fact when they were treated with a series of Spider-Man themed lip-sync battles. One featured "Spider-Man: Homecoming" star Zendaya impersonating Bruno Mars, but it was her co-star and current Spidey actor himself, Tom Holland, who stole the show.

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The web-slinger's act started out modestly enough, with Holland embodying legend Gene Kelly for his iconic "Singin' in the Rain" performance. However, things quickly took a turn for the burlesque following an off-stage costume change. Viewers saw a side of SPidey they've never seen before when Holland continued the act in lingerie and fishnets while lip-syncing the lyrics to Rihanna's hit "Umbrella."

The athletic ability that has allowed the actor to perform several of his own Marvel cinematic stunts was never more apparent than during acrobatic flips as he darted back and forth all across the stage. The audience burst out in laughter, none chuckling harder than Zendaya herself. The actress later tweeted about her shock and amusement regarding the out-and-out defeat:

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You can check out more of Tom Holland and Zendaya when "Spider-Man: Homecoming" hits theaters July 7. Directed by Jon Watts, the film also stars Michael Keaton, Donald Glover, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori, Tyne Daly, Bokeem Woodbine, Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr.

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