Lionsgate's 'Robin Hood: Origins' Finds Its Maid Marian

The story of Robin Hood has been retold on film and television more times than we care to count, most recently in the 2010 Ridley Scott film starring Russell Crowe. However, Lionsgate is betting there's always room for more.

With Taron Egerton, the breakout star "Kingsman: Secret Service," now securely cast in the title role of its "Robin Hood: Origins," the studio has set its sights on the outlaw's love interest. According to Deadline, Eve Hewson ("Bridge of Spies," "The Knick") is in negotiations to play Maid Marian in the reimagining of the medieval legend.

“Peaky Blinders” director Otto Bathurst will helm the drama, in which Robin Hood returns from the Crusades to discover Sherwood Forest is rife with corruption. In this gritty take, he forms a band of outlaws to deliver vigilante justice.

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